mercoledì 28 dicembre 2011

I Love my Poncho

Hello everyone my guys...I hope you spent a Merry Christmas!
You are preparing for New Year's Eve? I still don't have any idea...every your advice is accepted.

The weather here is very ugly, as you can see from the photos, in fact I made so much effort to get these few shots to put in my post. As you can see, I'm so covered, wrapped in my lovely ponchos, which are very affectionate since I was 14 years. I paired it with orange jeans and boots and, white as snow hat and scarf .
I hope you enjoy it.
Sorry for my imperfect English...See you soon and kisses.


sabato 24 dicembre 2011

Merry Christmas !!!

Hey guys...finally...we have !! :-)
I just wanted to wish you all a merry, happy and peaceful Christmas, full of 'love and lots of fun with this nice video !!!
That you can spend a beautiful vigil in the company of those you hold most dear.
I take this opportunity to thank you infinitely for all your support in following my blog, for your visits and especially for your affectionate and precious comments.

A big hug to you all and thank you so much  for the affection that you give me every day.


Ehi...ragazzi...finalmente ci siamo !!!   :-)
Volevo solo augurare a tutti voi un allegro, felice e sereno Natale, pieno d' amore e tanto divertimento con questo simpatico video !!!
Che voi possiate trascorrere una bellissima vigilia in compagnia delle persone a voi più care.
Ne approfitto anche per ringraziarvi infinitamente di tutto il sostegno che date al mio blog, delle vostre visite e sopratutto dei vostri affettuosi e preziosi commenti.

Un grande abbraccio ad ognuno di voi e grazie per l'affetto che mi regalate ogni giorno.


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martedì 20 dicembre 2011

Tailleur with pied de poule in teal color.'s cold !!!   *_*

Hello everyone !!! Today I am so tired, but I found the same strength and a bit of time to make a new post.
There are only 5 days at Christmas and I still regard the gifts, haven't lifted a finger, but I think that now the time has come !! :-)
Last Sunday, during a romantic walk with my boyfriend, I took the opportunity to take some photos of the new outfits.
 I wore a simple black tailleur with a pied de poule print in teal color on the front, to which I have combined these cute shoes Stradivarius, which were presented to me by my sweet friends.
A simple and quite comfortable outfit, to wear for a day's work in the office.
 I hope you like it...!

Sorry for my imperfect English !


giovedì 15 dicembre 2011

My Fornarina Sportglam Collection

Hello are you??
It 'been a little tough this week.....because it has been full of commitments.

With my return, in this post I make known to you my Fornarina Sports...!
Yeah...I know...I love the heels...but when I want to be comfortable, I prefer to be on the ground floor...and for this, I wear my FORNARINA SPORTGLAM.
 What color do you like them ???

Sorry for my imperfect English.

Kisses and good evening to all !


lunedì 5 dicembre 2011

Stellar Look

Hello, my dear.
How you spent your weekend? Mine was fine !!! And I hope that your have been even more.

In this post, I propose an outfit where the absolute protagonists are the stars, in fact...I'm wearing shoes by Aldo that I have presented here and the earrings posted yesterday in this post.
In this wild location...I have paired a total black look...and I hope you like it.
Sorry for my imperfect English.While waiting for your precious suggestions,
kisses Miriam.


domenica 4 dicembre 2011

Oliver Weber: Stars with Swarovski

Cercavo qualcosa di particolare, che luccicasse molto e costasse poco, e magari anche a passo con uno dei trend del momento.
I was looking for something special, that shines very much and that cost little, and maybe even a step with the trends of the moment.

Bhe...finalmente l'ho trovato !!!     :-)
Adesso mi ritengo pienamnete soddisfatta del mio ultimo acquisto.
Una buona domenica miei cari follower.

Well...I finally I found it! :-)
Now I consider myself completely satisfied with my last purchase.
A good Sunday my dear followers.


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mercoledì 30 novembre 2011

Drink with Friends

Good afternoon guys! Finally after a week...I'm back! :-)
I really missed you..!

Today the post is born by chance...In fact, advantage of an outfit that I wearing an afternoon to get a drink with brother has taken me these few pictures that you see.
I know...recently I put the color orange everywhere, in fact in this outfit I decided to combine the comfortable orange shoes of Stradivarius to this multicolored dress.
What do you think of the combination?
Sorry for my imperfect English.

sabato 19 novembre 2011

Amsterdam: " Vondelpark " guys...what do you do tonight? I'm preparing for the NIGHT !!!
But first, I decided to post the latest photos of my wonderful trip to Amsterdam.
The last day was dedicated to total relaxation ... after the long hours in a row made ​​to museums in the days before.
In fact we went to visit the huge "Vondelpark", the most popular public park in Holland, lovely oasis in the center of town with lakes, bridges, canals and immmensi meadows, from where you would not want to go out.
That day I was wearing a comfortable and simple outfits with colors that reflected those of the nature that surrounded me.
What do you think?

A good weekend,


martedì 15 novembre 2011

Amsterdam: Visit to museums and boat trip !

Good evening my dear followers! I am here again !!!    :-)
What you did today? For me it was a day full of commitments...but at the end, fortunately, I managed to do everything !!!     :-)

In this post I show you photos of the five days in Amsterdam.
Given the bad weather and strong cold that has invaded the capital ( 1° degree, and for me that I live on the border with Africa was too !!! Ihihihih ....! ), we have the opportunity to visit several museums, including the "NEMO" museum of science and technology, you can see in the picture, and the Anne Frank House.
While in the afternoon, with some sunshine, we decided to make a nice boat ride along the canals, which allowed us to explore other areas of Amsterdam, leaving us enchanted by the old town full of elegant homes.

Night and sweet dreams,

venerdì 11 novembre 2011

Amsterdam: Night in Leidseplein

Hey guys.. Hello to all !!!  :-)
Today, I post my photos of an evening at the Leidseplein: one of the most popular locations in Amsterdam, considered the center of entertainment and nightlife.
In the square there are many fast food ( and they were hundreds), cafe, the theater Boom Chicago and the historic Palace Bulldog Coffeeshop.
The most popular method I think you've understood what it is !!!   :-)
There are millions and millions of bicycles scattered around the city..all different..and you careful not to disrupt the cycle lane because there is a risk of being easily overwhelmed!   :-)
For this pleasant walk I decided to wear a short trapezoidal dress, very 60's style, and my wonderful orange décolleté, they bought just before leaving.
PS: I recommend...because today is St. Martin's Day...don't eat too many zeppole, fried donuts, chestnuts and wine, otherwise you may suffer the consequences.
PPS: Ahh...naturally this rule valides for me!
Have a good weekend,


martedì 8 novembre 2011

New in: Dècolletè Aldo Shoes.


After seeing the stars of Dolce & Gabbana pull on the most famous red carpet, I have made also transport this new autumnal trend.
So I entered the page of the new site Asos Italy, and after having tried...and tried again, I came across these wonderful shoes: dècolletè with plateau and stars of Aldo Shoes.
How I couldn't buy them ???
Absolutely determined...I immediately clicked on them and I waited for their quick and convenient arrival, because of the shipment is free.
They are very high...whith heeled thin and 12cm high........and comfortable thanks to its hidden plateau, when they arrived yesterday, I immediately put them in my personal list Fashiolista.
I adore them...and you like it ?
Sorry for my imperfect English!


lunedì 7 novembre 2011

Amsterdam: The celebrities of the museum "Madame Tussauds"

Hey guys...good afternoon !
Have you spent good weekend ???
Here's another post dedicated to our adventures in Amsterdam.
The third day...after long hours of shopping...we headed to Dam Square, where there is the huge and majestic building of Madame Tussauds.
We have been more than an hour outside and and under the rain waiting to get in, there was too much confusion, but in the end it was worth it because there were people waiting in the richest and most famous in history and entertainment ! ( course of wax...ihihihihihihi...!  :-D ).
Sorry for my imperfect English!   :-)
The museum is divided into sections which change according to the historical period, or the job or the country in which the character belongs to, and visit it was really a great experience!


martedì 1 novembre 2011

Amsterdam: Heineken Experience

Good afternoon've taken the night of the witches ? As you have passed it? You have been transvestites? Or rather...what you have done a terrific ???

Here I am today with a new post..with pictures taken during our exploration within the HEINEKEN's old factory, the beer par excellence of Amsterdam.
We have taken part to HEANIKEN EXPERIENCE: a wonderful and unforgettable trip that showed us the process of fermentation and production of beer. Inside we could see all the historical furnishings and equipment that have been recovered and made available to us in an interactive tour where you can see, touch, play and even drink (beer is good here).
The funniest part was definitely the trip in 3D and in the end, once the Tuor, we also had the opportunity to relax in the company of many other people and freshen up with a nice glass of Heineken, coming out of factory all happy and content...or shine !!!   :-)
Sorry for my imperfect English.  :-)

A thousand kisses,


venerdì 28 ottobre 2011

Amsterdam: Dinner to Hard Rock Cafè

Hello guys...I'm here for you all...FINALLY !!!
A result of unforeseen with the network in hotel..I haven't had a chance to connect..and you are missed so much to me...!!!   :-)
The pictures that I show to you today, are those of the first night spent in this beautiful capital: tired from the trip, but mostly hungry, we went in search of food and the first restaurant where we came across was the Hard Rock Cafe of Amsterdam...impossible not to stop !!!
A authentic museum of rock, with walls lined with beautiful objects that belonged to the great artists of music, where to greet us was a spectacular Harley Davidson.
It 'been there, that finally we have satisfied our appetite with a huge amburger and then we relaxed enjoying the pleasant view of the canal.
Sorry for my imperfect English!   :-)

A warm hug,

giovedì 27 ottobre 2011

A Travel to Amsterdam

Hello to all guys !!!
Sorry if I was absent in this last week, but (those who follow me on Facebook knows this already) I have recently returned from a trip to Amsterdam.
I was there last week with my Boyfriend and a couple of friends, it is obvious, but I must just say: "We relaxed and had a great time, Amsterdam is truly a magical city !!!".
The time it seemed so little (it's a feeling you get while on vacation..ihihihihh...), and the week flew away immediately, but we have tried to enjoy the best of the capital because we had not ever been !!!
Here is a preview of the photos and another post tonight !
Sorry for my imperfect English !!!  


martedì 11 ottobre 2011

Autumn just arrived

Good morning to you...wonderful guys!
 I think that autumn has arrived.....and I can't wait to wear the new clothes that I bought.
Last Sunday, in fact, it wasn't a great day, the sky was full of clouds blacks
and occasionally some drops of rain fell from the sky. I have improved the day going around to look at shop windows full of new arrivals, so into me the sun has set! Ihihihihihihhi.........!
I was wearing a very simple look, perfect for a Jonah to work, and consists of jeans, a long shirt and clog, and probably I should replace it with a pair of ballerinas, because at the end of the day, my feet asking for help with the pain and my fingers were frozen!   :-)   :-)
From the photos, you may also notice the fast that I had got into the car...yes...because the temperature outside was pretty cool...and maybe it was better if I wear my blue trench !
I hope you liked the outfit.
Sorry for my imperfect English.   :-)
A sweet evening,


domenica 2 ottobre 2011

Welcome October

 Dear my followers...I don't know you, but here it is still summer!
What I show you is one of the last summer outfits, seems so strange that I can still dress up in October as well, but it is reality that you see on the streets of my country, people who go to sea and people walking in shorts and tank top!    :-)
Simple look, combined with these wonderful wedges that despite the height, they are very comfortable...and then...have you noticed the watch I wear ???
I found it between the drawers of my mom, and I find it so sweet and romantic because of its baroque angelsIt is a Swatch "Pop Putti", belonging to a special collection designed by Vivienne Westowood of '92, one of the top fashion brands to sign a Swatch's watch !
  Sorry for my imperfect English !   :-)


venerdì 30 settembre 2011

Ralph Lauren and Fondazione Umberto Veronesi for Pink Pony Campaign

Ottobre è un mese importante: "Il mese della prevenzione e della lotta contro i tumori al seno", e anche quest'anno il mondo del fashion si unisce al mondo della ricerca scientifica, dando vita a importantissimi eventi di interesse globale che potranno avere grossi risultati.

Da anni grandi aziende si schierano in prima linea contro questa lotta, e una tra queste è quella del famoso stilista  Ralph Lauren, che Sabato 8 Ottobre 2011 presso lo Store Ralph Lauren di Via Montenapoleone 4 a Milano, festeggierà l'undicesimo anniversario della sua campagna mondiale Pink Pony, al sostegno della lotta mondiale contro il cancro.
"T-shirt in cotone con logo a contrasto, 70 euro"

lunedì 26 settembre 2011

Miss Lemon Yellow

Good evening my dear followers...How did you start your week ?
It seems strange to post this look two days ago... while outside it's raining...or betterm there the diluge !!!
This dress has struck me (just to stay in theme) from the first time I saw its, I don't know, has been the model, or textile or even better...the color: YELLOW LEMON !
Yesss...just its...a color so strong, determined and difficult to match, but that I love it, because it gives me loads and gives me optimism and positivity, and is the color that symbolizes my beloved Sicily !!!
Sorry for my imperfect English !

A big kiss,


martedì 20 settembre 2011

Floreal Dress

Although the summer is about to is so hot...and I take this opportunity to still wear this lovely floral dress from Miss Miss, so comfortable and lightweight, that I have bought this summer during the sales period.
I love so much its color, so delicate and soft, to which I have combined these wonderful shoes Aldo Castagna, inseparable companions of many of my summer look, and this lightweight green cardigan , which reproduces the shade of some flowers.
Do you like the result ???
Ohhh...I you like my hair ??? I'm waiting for your opinions !   :-)



venerdì 16 settembre 2011

My New Dress

Last Saturday I was at a wedding of a friend, and today I wanted to share with you the photos of the outfit.
For this special occasion I don't lose time and I immediately decided to wear one of my recent purchases that I had already shown in the previous post: the brown dress of Pois, decorated with many beads on the front.
To it, I decided to match shoes and bags in neutral colors and bracelet and earrings of pearls, the latter, a wonderful gift from my mother!   :-)
Sorry for my imperfect English.

A good weekend,

martedì 13 settembre 2011

The flight of my salary

GREEN SHOES: Zara ; WHITE SHOES: Les Lilas ; RED SHOES: Prima Donna

Good evening guys,
as promised here's to you only a part of purchases made last month, when my salary, to satisfy my personal pleasures, is left on vacation without deigning a small greeting !!!   :-)
Now it is time to do some cleaning in the closet, but I already know, like all the other times, don' t throw anything away.
And you recentily...What have you bought ?
I'm curious...tell me !!!   :-)


mercoledì 7 settembre 2011

A mix of colors from nature

Good evening ... How are you??
Here is hot, but the heat makes the air even more unbearable.
This particular shoe ( which was one of the protagonists of my interview on "Design with Love" ), a pair of leggings, a long t-shirt with stripes and a particular location, have given rise to outfit of my new post.
I love this mix of colors, and I hope that it is acceptable to you.



martedì 6 settembre 2011

My interview for "Design with Love"

Good evening to all are you ???
After about a week's absence...I'M AGAIN RETURNED !!!    :-)
At the end of August...I was contacted by Robert of "Design with Love" to release in an interview, my thoughts about the shoes.
I must say it was really a pleasant experience, especially because the subject matter was quite tasty....ihihihihihih....and thank you so much Roberto for this fantastic opportunity! :-)


 Good night
and tomorrow with a new outfit post!


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