giovedì 28 aprile 2011

Miss in Black and Flowers

Hello I am again after the Easter's binge...I have spent wonderful..and for a traditional feast: what's better than a traditional leader to wear ???
The black sheath dress, a classic, it is considered by all the must head of women's wardrobe for its beging timeless, elegance and semplicity,that at the same time makes silhouette of each woman always sexy. It is perfect for any is the head that each of us should have in her closet...and I have more than one.
This particular outfit is made ​​from the accessories that a woman should always have: the shoes for our feet pretty , and bag, that for our convenience should never have a fund in order to contain the myriad of junk that we drag behind.
Sorry for my inperfect English.
Endless kisses...Miriam!!!



venerdì 22 aprile 2011

New entry

Hi I present to you on of my recent purchases: as a good Sicilian, I could not help missing in my closet this beautiful white blouse, decorated with delicate macramè lace, one of the biggest trends this season. So light, soft, delicate and elegant , it is perfect to be worn in these wonderful spring days. you would have worn it ???
Sorry for my imperfect English.
A good day...Miriam !!!


lunedì 18 aprile 2011

A sunset and two friends

Hey guys..have you well past Sunday ???
Last week, came to find me a my dear friend, that there had already presented in this post !!!
What can a say? Every time there is a guaranteed fun !!! afternoon..we decided to go for a walk in front of a beautiful sunset. Of course, being in balance with these heels, among the rocks, salt and high wind..I must admit it was pretty difficult..but it is thanks to everything..which we have entertain madly like two children !!!
Here are the photos that my boyfriend has taken us: they speak for themselves !!!   :-P
A big hug and a wonderful beginning of the week !!!


venerdì 15 aprile 2011


Hi are you ???
Here are photos of my outfit taken last Sunday, when I was walking in public square with my parents, on the occasion of an invitation to lunch.
Do you like my shoes ??? I find it so wonderful !!! I decided to wear them with a simple jeans, a beige purse with wooden handles, and this boscuit jacket, with a particular: it has a mock sweatshirt under attack !!!
A god day to all...Miriam !!!


lunedì 11 aprile 2011

Total Gray

Hello...wonderful creatures...yes...because we women are divine creatures ( no insult to the men's category, of which the world can't do whithout him...).
Here are some photos of Friday, spent in Modica with my bloyfriend for buy a TV.
I wore a simple outfit in total gray, where I tied this necklace to regain the brown color of the buckle of this beautiful Replay's shoes that I still had not worn.
What do you think ???
Sorry for my imperfect Enghish !!!
A big hug...Miriam.


mercoledì 6 aprile 2011

Black and White !!!

Although in this spring the fluorescent colors are fashionable, we can't ignore another important trend that reconfirms, that of the combination of two shade as opposed that magically attract: white and black.
So make way your imagination...and you creating your look elegant and chic !!!
I also decided to let me on this trend so simple, basic and sexy, I'm wearing this adorable dress from Miss Miss, with the same print white/black skirt even on the crew neck and sleeves !!!
Sorry for my imperfect English !!!
Good evening...Miriam !!!
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