giovedì 26 maggio 2011

The Awakening of Etna

Every time it wakes up...rubs one’s eyes, stretches and start a new show, leaving everyone speechless!

Who am I talking about ??? Of the Mungibeddu charming...or Etna.
Yes...because this beautiful mountain, which covers an area of 1270 km and reaches a height of 3350 m, about ten days ago it was awakened, resuming its eruptive activity , began about a year ago, and that continues without interruption.
But to 154 km of distance...I could not watch the show closely, but I am also able to capture some magical image that I show in these photos.
A good day.....Miriam !!!

PS: See you soon with a new outfit post !!!   :-)


domenica 22 maggio 2011

One day as a Zebra

Toc...toc...There are beautiful girls ??? I'm offer you the outfit a few days ago.
What's more fascinating than a woman zebra ? Ihihihihihih.....!!!
The style stripes, very much in vogue this season, is a timeless fantasy that exudes elegance and sophistication. It 'a style that makes you feel wild and free like the aggressive animal that has inspired us for this print. The animal print mini dress is a chic head that a woman can esebire and I decided to break with fiery red accessories!!!
I hope I've made ​​the right choice .. how about you?
Sorry for my imperfect English.  :-)
Thousand hugs...MIRIAM.

martedì 17 maggio 2011

Acqua for Life Challenge by Giorgio Armani

Last week, I was contacted via e-mail to communicate and promote a fantastic initiative that concerns the lack of drinking water in some parts of the world.

La settimana scorsa sono stata contattata tramite un'e-mail per far conoscere e promuovere una fantastica iniziativa che riguarda il problema della mancanza di acqua potabile in alcue parti del mondo.

sabato 14 maggio 2011

Sunset Outfit

Yesterday afternoon...I'm looking out from a window of my house, in the distance, I have seen  this wonderful sunset.
Ieri pomeriggio...affacciandomi da una della finestre di casa mia, in lontananza, ho visto questo meraviglioso tramonto.


mercoledì 4 maggio 2011

Natural Trench


Hello are you ??? I've missed you and I could not wait to offer you another of my outfit to feel this again in your midst.
Sorry...can I ask you a questions??? what season we are??? "Spring or return to winter" !!! Ah..Ah..Ah..because here the sun is afraid to come out into the open and I can't take it any more !
To address this uncertain time, the only solution is to wear a piece of history: the trench.....timeless waterproof, yesterday it worn by Humphrey Bogart and today it is so much loved by fashion victims. It is present in all bridges, it shows us cotton gabardine, double-breased with belted waist for streamline the famele figure, and it is made particular by the basque on the back. I wore it with leggings because these being members of the legs, extend the figure by making it appear more chic.
I hope this is you like it!
Sorry for my imperfect thousand hugs MIRIAM.

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