martedì 26 luglio 2011

Holidays Impossible !!!

Work commitments that around me in these days are many and think about the holidays is not the case.
But fortunately is not forbidden me to close my eyes and allow thoughts to travel and magically reach unexplored and tropical destinations.
So...last Sanday, to go with my parents to take a long walk in Marzamemi, I decided to wear an outfit made ​​up of green shorts, comfortable wedges, accessories leather brown color and a large white T-shirt with printed flowers and green leaves, they belong to the rainforests and where one can see two birds on a perch.
A confortable look and from the tropical contour, perfect for these days is on vacation !!!
Sorry for my imperfect English.   :-)


martedì 19 luglio 2011

Long Dress for Shopping

Hello guys...what you say in your parts ??? Here, as usual, continues to get hot.
A few days ago, I taking advantage of seasonal sales, and I went shopping. I bought something and for not to lose the habit of my addiction, I also bought a few pairs of shoes that I will show you in the next post; in the stores around there, lacking only the green money. Ihihihih ........!      :-)
This is the outfit that I used, where I wore a long white and blue dress, combined with the comfortable and beautiful wedges in jeans!
Sorry for my imperfect English !!!

A goog evening !!!


giovedì 14 luglio 2011

Fresh Outfit

Hello are you...I don't know them from you, but I swear that this is an sizzling hot, the feeling you get is to melt like ice cream in the heat of the sun.

Last night was a fantastic evening and today, I woke up with a smile on one’s lips because I had the good fortune to meet one of my favorite bloggers: Irene's Closet , a sweet and tender girl who surprises you even more when you know.

Given the warm temperatures, for this post I decided to wear this light, fresh and comfortable suit, with floral patterns for flowering lawn that I used as a location.

Sweet kisses


sabato 9 luglio 2011

Double Outfit

Good morning's a good start to your weekend??? You have special programs in place??? Tell me......I'm curious!!!
Today I write a special post, all dedicated to my best friend that last Monday, on the occasion of her birthday, she invited us to a lunch full of delights and ending with a delicious ice cream cake.
I shared with her experiences, emotions, passions of various kinds and long nights chatting.....she is a precious friend, sincere, full of love, that I could never replace someone else because she is unique and I love her.
Below, I show you pictures of our two outfits, worn in the evening when we broacked the bottle at the stroke of midnight.
A good weekend!!!


venerdì 1 luglio 2011

Green Striped

Hello guys...excuse me if I don't see too much, but at this time I'm committed to working.
Finally we are in favorite month because in ten day is my birthday.
In this post I show you a simple outfits stolen to ten minutes of relaxation working,
shhhhhh.......and mum's the word.
A kiss to all of you

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