lunedì 29 agosto 2011

Romantic Transparencies

Hello guys...!!! Today for me is a day of relaxation interior...finally...!!! I needed to feel this sensation; I think that it is an inner peace that leaves all in summer, because we run all day between the sea and places to visit ( for who is in vacation ).
The outfit that I propose today is: in black and white, transparent, lightweight, elegant, romantic and especially relaxing; it is suitable to my mood climate of today.   :-)

I really hope you like it and I happily await your next comment. 


mercoledì 24 agosto 2011

Stress Shopping

Hello sweets..., How are you...???  When I think about it, I still feel tired, yes...because last Wednesday (day off), I went to do shoppig with my parents in a shopping center of Catania, from premise that:

 Ciao pasticcini...  , come va  ??? Se ci penso mi sento ancora stanca, si... perchè mercoledì scorso ( giorno di riposo ), sono andata a fare shoppig con i miei in un centro commerciale di Catania, da premettere che:   

lunedì 22 agosto 2011

Outfit to work

Drea my guys...I'm here again for you, as well as for me, because you are the main thing about all this.
First of all, good afternoon...and then still hot !!!
Today, in the post I 'm proposing to you, prevails the brown, color of the ground that burning under the hot sun, and turquoise, a shade that belongs to the color of the sea and air, essential to our living ( not to forget the money, material goods necessary to live on our earth ball ).
Anyway...the location used for this outfit is the Reception of Hotel where I work.

I hope you like it.

A big hug from MIRIAM


giovedì 18 agosto 2011

Color Blocking: red and green

Hello everyone...guys, I know it is too early to see me again, but this is a post stolen from my little cousin's birthday, I chose the photos that I liked and I posted for you.
A blocking outfit colors, green and red, just to be in theme with the liveliness and the joy of children, little fellows human from temperament super active.
Ihh!!! Ihh!!! Ihh!!!!!!!

Sorry for my imperfect English.
Waiting for the next post
XOXO from Miriam


venerdì 12 agosto 2011

Pink Lace-up Sandals

Hello are you ? I saw that you are more tanned.....
Ah....yes...summer is the season hot, that distracts everyone and  removes us from our routine.
I too have a great desire to escape from my commitments, but I can't, so I'm trying to steal a few minutes to hours, for dedicate myself to you.
In fact, today I propose this saucy outfits, with photos taken just before going to work, and thank you so much my brother that, when he has a bit of good will, he runs after me (although sometimes he pisses me off, thereby changing expression of my face, as you can see in some of these photos, where I was forced to ignore it ....).
However, now I leave you (with reluctance) because is late and I go to prepare myself for a little relaxation at night.
Sorry for my imperfect English !!!   :-P
A big kiss from MIRIAM


lunedì 8 agosto 2011


Good evening guys...but where did you go to finish all ???
I hope on holiday...between sun, sea and explorations of the wonderful places of our land.
Lucky you...How I envy you !!!    :-)
But I am here to work, and to somersaults to be able to take some pictures to publish a post.
So this weekend, taking advantage of a little relaxation, I convinced my brother to participate in my adventure, and between one and another shot, this is what came out: a post with brightly colored and caressed by sea breezes.
What do you thing ???
Waiting your comments...I wish you happy holidays to all!      :-)

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