venerdì 28 ottobre 2011

Amsterdam: Dinner to Hard Rock Cafè

Hello guys...I'm here for you all...FINALLY !!!
A result of unforeseen with the network in hotel..I haven't had a chance to connect..and you are missed so much to me...!!!   :-)
The pictures that I show to you today, are those of the first night spent in this beautiful capital: tired from the trip, but mostly hungry, we went in search of food and the first restaurant where we came across was the Hard Rock Cafe of Amsterdam...impossible not to stop !!!
A authentic museum of rock, with walls lined with beautiful objects that belonged to the great artists of music, where to greet us was a spectacular Harley Davidson.
It 'been there, that finally we have satisfied our appetite with a huge amburger and then we relaxed enjoying the pleasant view of the canal.
Sorry for my imperfect English!   :-)

A warm hug,

giovedì 27 ottobre 2011

A Travel to Amsterdam

Hello to all guys !!!
Sorry if I was absent in this last week, but (those who follow me on Facebook knows this already) I have recently returned from a trip to Amsterdam.
I was there last week with my Boyfriend and a couple of friends, it is obvious, but I must just say: "We relaxed and had a great time, Amsterdam is truly a magical city !!!".
The time it seemed so little (it's a feeling you get while on vacation..ihihihihh...), and the week flew away immediately, but we have tried to enjoy the best of the capital because we had not ever been !!!
Here is a preview of the photos and another post tonight !
Sorry for my imperfect English !!!  


martedì 11 ottobre 2011

Autumn just arrived

Good morning to you...wonderful guys!
 I think that autumn has arrived.....and I can't wait to wear the new clothes that I bought.
Last Sunday, in fact, it wasn't a great day, the sky was full of clouds blacks
and occasionally some drops of rain fell from the sky. I have improved the day going around to look at shop windows full of new arrivals, so into me the sun has set! Ihihihihihihhi.........!
I was wearing a very simple look, perfect for a Jonah to work, and consists of jeans, a long shirt and clog, and probably I should replace it with a pair of ballerinas, because at the end of the day, my feet asking for help with the pain and my fingers were frozen!   :-)   :-)
From the photos, you may also notice the fast that I had got into the car...yes...because the temperature outside was pretty cool...and maybe it was better if I wear my blue trench !
I hope you liked the outfit.
Sorry for my imperfect English.   :-)
A sweet evening,


domenica 2 ottobre 2011

Welcome October

 Dear my followers...I don't know you, but here it is still summer!
What I show you is one of the last summer outfits, seems so strange that I can still dress up in October as well, but it is reality that you see on the streets of my country, people who go to sea and people walking in shorts and tank top!    :-)
Simple look, combined with these wonderful wedges that despite the height, they are very comfortable...and then...have you noticed the watch I wear ???
I found it between the drawers of my mom, and I find it so sweet and romantic because of its baroque angelsIt is a Swatch "Pop Putti", belonging to a special collection designed by Vivienne Westowood of '92, one of the top fashion brands to sign a Swatch's watch !
  Sorry for my imperfect English !   :-)

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